General information:

Serving as a public transport ticket for the duration of its validity, providing free admission to some of Prague’s most popular landmarks and a discount for many others, getting The Prague Card is certainly an option to consider.


It has to be said, however, that the average visitor, interested in Prague’s most important sights and walking around town at a leisurely pace, will most definitely not be able to use the card to its full potential and recoup its cost. It also doesn’t serve as a “skip the line” card – in most cases, you’ll still need to physically purchase your discounted ticket.


We only recommend ordering this product if you plan on visiting a multitude of galleries, museums and tours every day.


Our service:

We will purchase the card in your name and fill out the necessary paperwork, pick it up for you and deliver it at your convenience with the rest of your Praguezilla order.


Please note that all tours, orders and deliveries must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance, otherwise we won’t have enough time to make necessary arrangements.