The basics:

Our store allows you to purchase tickets to our city’s most popular landmarks, public transport passes, trips, practical products and even tasty local (and not-so-local) snacks and drinks.


While Prague is a safe and beautiful city, our tourism sector has its complications. Tourist traps are common, and visitors may end up spending a lot more money than they have to. Just so you know we’re not messing with you, here’s what some of our competitors charge for a round-trip to Karlštejn and a tour of the castle:


Or better yet, the Zoo, which is literally a ten minute bus ride away from the city center:

In other words, Prague can be a tricky place. A city where disclaimers, admission lines and people who don’t speak any language except for Czech are as abundant as Trdelník and beer, and we think you’ll agree that overpaying or waiting around is no way to spend a vacation.


So without further ado, let us introduce you to Praguezilla’s innovative service step by step.


1 – Make your selection:

Browse our website and choose the products and services you’d like us to provide. Some services are subject to availability or require you to set a date. Be sure to always read the additional information we link to when that is the case.


You can choose your preferred date and ticket type on our website and we’ll contact you via e-mail with scheduling details, start times, or anything else you might need. Please note that all tours, orders and deliveries must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance, otherwise we won’t have enough time to make necessary arrangements.


Once we’ve agreed on the details of your order, we will finalize the reservation. Until then, it can be freely rescheduled and modified. If the date you’ve selected is unavailable or none of the proposed times fit your needs, your date-specific product will be fully refunded without delay. 


2 – Payment:

You can pay for your order with a credit card via our secure and encrypted payment gate, or if you’re old school, simply transfer the funds to our bank account. All that will be explained on our checkout page.


3 – The package:

We’ll purchase your tickets, schedule and organize your tours, and set aside your products. Along with your order, each Praguezilla package contains:


Important contacts and phone numbers – emergency services and the like.


Info on reliable taxi companies – business cards for Prague’s highest-rated cab companies. You probably won’t need them, but if you do, they’ll do the job.


Detailed instructions – every tour or ticket order comes with a detailed set of instructions on how to get to your destination, what you need to do and how you need to proceed. Most even come with maps or pictures.



4 – The delivery:

An English-speaking Praguezilla representative will personally deliver your package at the agreed-upon time and place, provide you with any information you might need, and answer Prague-related questions. Our delivery fee is €9.89.


That’s pretty much it. A couple more points before you start shopping:


People with disabilities – If you’re traveling with a person with special needs, here’s what you need to know.


Prague, especially Old Town, is not wheelchair-friendly, nor are most of its landmarks. People with special needs who do not require a wheelchair, however, may receive significant discounts or free admission, and the same goes for their caretakers. If you’re traveling with a disabled person, please mention it in the “Notes” section of our checkout page. We’ll make sure you receive the discount you’re entitled to, and what you save, we will refund.


Large groups – If you’re ordering for a large group, we’ll haggle with our suppliers to get you group discounts. If we succeed, you get a corresponding refund.


Babies and very small children – admission tickets for tiny kids are often free. When that’s the case, we list them as costing €0, which means the ticket is free but you still need one, so please don’t forget to put it in your cart.


Thanks for reading and enjoy your trip! 🙂